As part of the transcriptions process from the original printed manuscript, the following unique formatting conventions were adopted.  Please note the following which may appear in the full text:


  •  [UNREADABLE] indicates unreadable text 

  •  {Image: description} indicates image

  • indicate special characters with <TEXT (if known) and description> 

  • Example: <ENTMOOT, in Sindarin> or <Hoom, in Mandarin> or <TEXT UNKNOWN, in unknown characters> 

  • indicate underline with _TEXT_ 

  • indicate italics with /TEXT/ 

  • indicate bold with *TEXT* 

  • correct SIC or textual errors after the original error with @TEXT@ 

  • Example: “The dog jumed @jumped@ over teh @the@ moon” 

  • Diacriticals (copy and paste): 

  • Lower: á, à, â, ȧ, ä, é, è, ê, ē, ė, ë, í, ì, î, ó, ò, ô, ú, ù, û, ū 

  • Upper: É, Ė, Í, Î, Ó, Û 

  • Other symbols (copy and paste): ¢,