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[page 4] Radagastian System of time and othr @other@ explanations..... Now then...about my article <"c" inked in over a typo>: demi-gods are "lower" than regular gods, who are in lower than God--who _created_ (or rather, organized) the entire universe for men (For it is my belief that there are more than one universe). In Middle-Earth God set up his servants to rule and create, giving life and laws through them. These servants were the inhabitants of the Undying Lands...one might take the other view (other than that exposed in my article <"c" inked in over a typo>) and call them Angels, however that was not the subject of my first article. ..... Radagast the Brown's reconing @reckoning@ (ahem, wreckoning) of Time. Assuming that Middle-Earth existed on this planet, it must have been before the advent of Earth. Therefore, using the reckoning of years in the Bible as a standard, (it was 4,00 B.C. when Adam and Eve left the Gadren @Garden@ of Eden) in the Lord of the Rings everything that Happande @happened@ must have been before 4,00 B.C.. The ages of Middle-Earth are as follow: 1st Age, many years longer than Man can conieve @conceive@; 2nd Age, 3441 years; 3rd Age was from beginning to end 3021 years; the Third Age was the last age of Middle Earth as a pure entity, btu @but@ Thereafter @thereafter@ there must have been remanants @remnants@ of that Time and so Earth Time is also divided into Middle-Earth according to the schedule of 1,000 years per Age--which, sarting @starting@ at 4000 B.C. brings us into the 9th Age 967th year. Now, the v (bad <inked-over letter> day <inked-over letter>) calender @calendar@ itself is the Coranar Calender @Calendar@, and it is <"s" is inked in over a typo> based<slash added in pen>on @based on@ the seasons of the year. The most important part of the year is <"s" is inked in over a typo> the Summer (yeah man!), thrfore @therefore@ Radagast begins in Summer (Lairë) and works away from there in each direction.... (over) [page 5] (the Radagastian System of Time.. Con[cut off by top margin]) {Image: A line drawing of a round pig appears in the upper-left corner of the page. The illustration is partially cropped by the zine's binding. The message "[unreadable] IS A P.I.G." appears on the pig's rotund body. Another message appears under the illustration, reading "[unreadable]in THE mocrground [unreadable] Integrastic soup" followed by a series of three embellishments.} {Image: An illustration of a line drawn sun appears in the upper-right corner of the page. The stylized corona is made from 17 stylized points. A shaded "S" appears on the sun's surface.} Using this method, Lairë 1 equivalent to June 21st. Workinrg @Working@ backword @backward@ to Tuilë 1 (the day after New Year's) and Yestarë we find that the first day of the t year (Yestarë) is teh @the@ equivalebnt @equivalent@ to April 27 (count back 54 dayes @days@ June 21st). Gandalf disagrees. He believes Yestarë to be the 7th of April. According to the _RadAGHASTIan System of Chronology_ today's date is Lairë 42 )(That's Aug. 1, 1967), (whereas Gandalf insists that it is Lairë 62, a difference of 20 days). I believe that I! Rdagast @Radagast@, am right in this. What thinkest thou? (Try looking at a calendar) another thing, in Sindarin the months have a much different sound, which do you prefer (Quenya) Tiulë, Lairë, Yavië, Quellë, H'rivë, Coirë, or, (sindarin @Sindarin@) Euthil, Laer, Iavas, Firith Rhiw, Echir (meaning, of course Spring, Summer, Autumn, Fading, Winter, Stirring)? According to the _Radastian System of Chronology_ the months begin and end as follows. Tuile Begins April 27 Ends June 20 54 days Laires " June 21 " Augast @August@ 31 72 days Yavie " September 1 " Oct. 24 54 days Quelle " Oct. 28 " Dec. 20 54 days H'rive " Dec. 21 " March 1 72 days Coire " March 2 " April 24 54 days Mettare " April 25 (Old Years Date) 1 day Yestare " April 26 (New Year's day) 1 daty @day@ Enderi " Oct. 25 " Oct. 27 3 datys @days@ (OOG) The above calendar is good until april @April@ 26, 1968. In some years it is necessary to double the Enderi (very (AHEM, EVERY) 12th year, this takes care of Leap Years-- but in the Menatime @Meantime@, Yestare falls on different Gregorian days every time there is a leap year). <downward-pointing hand-drawn arrow> {Image: The illustration of the pig used above is resized and reused in the negative space of the tables above. This pig has no messages.}