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[page 2] ON THE VOTE.............. On the vote, now then, this is how it all started - led an -and comes to now... After the club split, I proposed we have a king. One King, Aragorn. His letters waxed great and so he was finest choice, I coaxed him, and he accepted. Soon afterwards, I asked for a Parliment @Parliament@. After much futile arguing, I yeildedfor @yielded for@, i @I@ thought," If our King proves good, why do need a wrangling Parliment @Parliament@?" Contented, I sat back and tried to help Saradoc fix his print press..... (CONT) [page 3] [unreadable line of text] somebody because one day, I wake up, and there it is, a Parliment @Parliament@! "One thing Missing," thinks I, "Tis not an elected Parliment @Parliament@." So, I print a Mathom and have a vote. Watt @What@ a Mess!! Here are the Results... Approved of voting- 17... Against 3 The Groups #1 _Faramir_. 2 votes. (Winners underscored) #2 2 votes-_Eomer_. 1 vote Giles #3 4 votes _H.Took_. I vote S. Brandybuck. (!?) #4 2 votes _S. Brandybuck_, I vote Merimac, 1 vote H. TOOK (Mithril) #5 _Gandalf_- 2 votes #6 _Elrond_- 2 votes #7 a tie: 1 "I give up" and 1 _Tombombadil_ @_Tomo Bombadil_@. The Voting for King..... 12 votes for _Aragorn_. 3 votes for H. Took, 1 vote Faramir, 1 vote Gandalf, 1 vote for Saradoc 9 (from Himself @himself@), 1 NO VOTE. For allainance @alliance@ with S.H.E.C.T.E.R. Pro-12, Con-6, not sure-2 For Bill Eck, pro-12, con-3, not sure- 4, and 1 "Not until he loses weight"! So then, what happens? Framir calls the vote invalid and the old white Council (The Same As the new one) Votes @votes@! The Results @results@ of that vote.... Eomer-3, Framir-1 (or 2), 1-Gandalf, and one H.Took. Mayhap you wouldn't now say, "Well, now then, our king can decide." Oh, yeah? Aragorn called the Council vote invalid as he was not notified in ytime @time@ to prepare a Defence @defense@. This shall be published in the _Minas Tirith Evening Star_. Now, you see why this hobbit prefers the Master Plan. Well, write _very_ soon.! _This paper may_ soon be invalid. I'll mail it to Faramir so you can write in to my defense fast! Hildifons....