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[page 1] <written in stylized block letters> Master Plan!! <end block letters> {Divider: A solid line separates the title art above from the text below.} No. 1 All persons wishing to receive future copies of the _MATHOM SUN_ MUST write me with full name and address with a 25 word or more letter!! Dues - 30¢ from now 'til Dec. [unreadable] for those who received vol. I, No 1, 2 ,or 3..) _These_ must also be paid! If not-letters and Mathom Sun will be discontinued. No..2! I hereby propose or suggest (while giving all due respect to Faramir of [unreadable] is or the elected King-whoever-Fomar at last I heard) ahem-I hereby propose or suggest we give up Parliment @Parliament@ & such...what have you spoken of in your letters besides movement @?@ Nothing, yet here we ate er are-supposing to discuss tolkien @Tolkien@ or wargaming. I hereby reject Governments. If you wish it, we can forget them and rule ourselves with a froscian pure exocracy! our club papers, the M.S.. and the MIAS @MINAS@ TIRITH EVENING [unreadable]. WHATEVER TRAVELER'S BULLetins are Called @called@ whew @they@ can inform us thuroughly of evaything @everything@ [unreadable]. With no rules or club duties, no member can be responsible for rule breaking [unreadable]ing nor can he lag in his responsibilities. If forced to, I can break away from the NN and form my own club, BUT the members of my club can be neo-N's and vice versa @viceversa@. The reason for the high number of mistakes is that G. Findel is typing this--G. Findel) The only exception is no rulers! oops Under the Took system, whoever is most active in wargaming can organize us in tournaments. Once you pay your dues, you can put articles in the paper. Naturally, we can be selective in our editing, bet you could not be turned down exxcept @except@ under extreme circumstances! W <inked out letter> rite @Write@ me and give your opinion!! Remember this is necessary to continue receiving the Mathom. ALL letters will be an <handwritten> s <end handwriting> wered @answered@. (In time--sigh) On MS No II---your response was great, but, (ahem) it has come to my attention that I made quite a few mistakes. Contrary to po <inked out letter> pular @popular@ belief, I am not infallible! If I make a mistake, (Note to readers-Mistakes in this issue are creditable to G. Findel, as I think was mentioned before --G.Findel) k or, please write to correct this as above), kkkkkkkkkkkkkk I like k's, can't your [unreadable] my momentary lapse into insanity. Now to continue with Took's text.... Answer the Mathom Sun with a letter. Now we dash on to the questio @question@ of dues. 1. I have here devised some plans to take care of the question of "how much". A. If you are one reader wishing to reactive one copy, make sure to send a name and address and pay the 30¢ from now to 'till Dec. B. If you havdve @have@ a brother or sister who is with you and you share a copy, you pay us in [unreadable] kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk [page 2] {Image: A line drawing of a frothy pint of ale appears below the page number. The mug features a handle facing right and the word "_ALE_!" written on the side.} (PHUGGOOMPH! I may as well type) C. If there are two or three of you who share a Community copy, pay as in A. REMEMBER, FOR B. OR C. YOU ONLY RECEIVE ONE COPY!! D. If you have a brother or sister at the same address and you want two copeis @copies@, one for each, you pay twice as in as in A. E. If you are two three etc. in number, and You wish to have all your papers sent ot @to@ an address, you pay just as if you were each separate members. ( OORG!) $end it Soon. ( NOTE: If you received the _M.S._ NO. I,II, III OR No.I & III, orNo. @or No.@ II & III add 25(cents) to this.... Hildifon$