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[page 1] If you know no French and the following is completely lost to you, don't feel bad. On the other hand, if you have had five years of French and still don't get it... THE SECRET OF THE FRENCH In these latter days of the Fourth Age, the Valar look upon the French people with especial kindness. In fact, each Frenchman is watched, [page 2] guarded and counseled by a Vala, whom he can call upon at any time. The French have found that the psychic vibrations needed to call the Valar are re-enforced as the call is voiced, at the same time, in direct proportion to the volume of the voice. Therefore, urgent calls are shouted. The French do not reveal the secret, and it might not be known except for one curious fact. Military guards must know immediately of anyone they spot on their rounds. Now, the most efficacious way to do this is for the soldier to ask his Vala: "Who is that, whom I have spotted, friend or enemy?" In the urgency of the moment this naturally becomes shortened to a loud "Who, Vala?" or, in French, "Qui va là?" Sindavala