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[page 1] {Title art: "Yrch!" is writen in purple gothic-style letters at the top lefthand corner of the page.} Yrch #2, the newsletter of the Michigan State University Tolkien Fellowship, published twice monthly. The title refers to the editors, who area Tracie Brown, 1217 South Hubbard, MSU, East Lansing, Mich, 43823, and Gil Hilton, address unknown. Zimiamvian Publication #11. YRCH! is back, which means that the literary spirit (Esro) of the TF is not dead. Yet. The change in format is due to a peculiarity in Tracie's typewriter: it sticks in the middle of a line regularly. The columner arrangement also lends itself better to newsletters. In answer to a number of requests from the fellowship, I will divulge the name of the artist who pictured Legolas falling into his own tongue in YRHCH! #l. Sue Anderson, a zoology grad student. Now, how are you going to get back at me, Sue? {Tengwar script: translates to "Gil"}