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[cover] TRIPLANETARY <Handwritten in blue ink> No. 2 <End handwriting, end blue ink> {Title Art: The zine title is spelled out vertically along the right margin of the cover in block letters, outlined in purple.} {Cover Art: Several figures vie for attention above a grid-like ground. In perspective closest to the observer is a silhouette of a humanoid figure, outlined in purple. The figure has no hands or feet and is un defined other than a few remaining sketch lines to chart proportions. This figure is at the extreme left of the cover image. The second image, a motif of the Eye of Sauron within a ring of flaming Elvish script, is at the bottom right of the cover image. The motif is inked in red and purple. The third most foregrounded image is a line drawing of a Pegasus blowing out air. The Pegasus is in flight at the top right of the page. The Pegasus is inked in purple Furthest in the background of the image rests the central drawing of the cover, a clock face resting on a support. The numeral XII is replaced by a line drawing of an arachnid, inked in blue. The hour hand of the clock rests at IX, the minute hand at V. The clock is inked in purple, the support in blue. Framing the entire image is a four legged, serpentine dragon eating its own tail, stylized like an ouroboros. The dragon's crest and spine are embellished with spikey plates. The dragon is outlined in purple and colored with an alternating pattern of purple and blue spots.}