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[page 51] ABOUT THE AUTHORS Tom Cook/Brandoch Daha/Box 41 Walker Hall/Normal, Ill, 61761 Tom is a junior at Illinois State Teachers College, and the main contributer in this issue. Any literature not attributed to someone else is probably his. These include The Return of the Time Traveler, Paen to Innocence, A patch of Hemlock, Music and mthe Immortals, Literary Analysis, A Meeting of Human Beings. Tom is a lover of nature, as is evident in his works. He enjoys reading science fiction-fantasy and listening to music, especially his recording of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. In art he likes paintings with a pastoral setting and sculptors. He is also interested in German culture. In school his major is English and his minor is History. Favorite posts are Wordsworth, Blake, Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and Rod McKuen. Plans for the future include teaching and professional writing. Lawrence Bryk/Hildifons Took/2724 Boldt/Dearborn, Mich. 48124 A tall, adventuresome hobbit who likes root beer, Larry is one of the Dearborn gang. Friends and associates include Ann Tonsor, Peregrin Took (Ken Rietz), Stuart Butterfield, Joe Thomas, Grant Hyatt, Doug Cross, and Gary Miller. He is a senior at Dearborn High. He enjoys swimming, tennis, food, and _TALKING_. He likes popular music. Larry is responsible for Escape, Green Summer, and the cover, not mentioning the Hobbit and Mushroom. Paul Lacy/Hurin/63 Marshall Place/Webster Groves, No. 63119 Paul is a junior in high school, studying French among other things, and is about 16 years olds. Friends and associates include David Kern, Doug Cross, Dave Felton, Gary Miller, Bob Maack, Deb Cole, Bill Oswald, Clyde Leigh, and Kit Roe. Paul's contributions for this issue include the untitled short story and some of the summaries is the About the Authors column. Nancy Lusk/1405 Jamaica Ct./Warson Woods, Mo. 63122 Nancy, a junior in high school, is our chief art editor, The bulk of this issue's art is her great accomplishment. She drew the tigers, the time traveler, the Palace of Green Porcelain, the arkenstone, Schubert, and anything else not otherwise mentioned She is a member of the St. Louis gang, and attends school with Doug Cross, Paul Lacy, Bob Maack, Dave Felton, and Gary Miller. She studies French, and, of course, art. Bill Oswald/Imrahil/469 B/Stevenson North/NIU/De Kalb, Ill. 60115 Bill has contributed both effort and articles in the past, and has complemented his outstanding record with his work in this issue--The History Lesson and The Hypo. Bill Lives in Monmouth, but is presently attending college. We wish him luck, and hopes that he has time to further the paper. [page 52] Debbie Cole/Eowyn/222 Salt Spring St./Fayetteville, NY. 13066 Deb, a new member to the club, has written the first part of a magnificent serail @serial@; The Road Goes On and On, and contributed a piece of her wonderful artwork to this issue. She used to live in St. Louis, but moved to Fayetteville several years ago. Friends and acquaintances includes Paul Lacy, Bill Tallen, and Doug Cross. Steve Lacy/same address as Paul Lacy Steve is a non-member of the club. He had his poem printed, because it came to the attention of the editors that it was a good piece of work. He lives in St. Louis, and is the brother of Paul Lacy. Bill Tallen/Aragorn/3437 Summit Ridge Dr./Dornville, Ca. 30340 Bill has given us two more of his magnificent poems. He also used to live in St. Louis, and knows Gary Miller, Doug Cross, Paul Lacy, Dave Felton, and many others. We are still blessed with his presence at odd intervals, as he flies up here at times (in a plane, of course). Gary Miller/Celeborn/9340 Crawford/Brentwood, Mo. 53144 Gary is a very notable poet. He has contributed several examples of his work to this issue, namely the Arkenstone and A World of Crutches. He plays Avalon Hill games, time permitting. Knows David Kern, Paul Lacy, Nancy Lusk, Doug Cross, Larry Bryk, Tom Cook, and others. He also wrote several parts of this column. Doug Cross/Faramir/4 Ridgeline Dr./St. Louis, Mo. 63122 Doug has donated a great deal of his time and effort to getting this issue completed. He also contributed the Lord of the Rings essay, and the Announcement at the beginning. Doug plays AH games at times, but is rather poor at it. He also has a perfect PB M chess record--Just ask Larry Bryk or Phil Helms! A vital(?) member of the St. Louis group, and knows quite a few of the club members.