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[page 5] Editorial REPLY TO A HECKLER by Anna Sinclare _Dictionary Definitions_: Science-An organized body of knowledge. Pure Science-A science based upon self evident truths, as opposed to natural science based upon observation and experimentaion. _@Lords@ of the Ring_: science fiction. Major precept: Good and Evil are natural forces. Minor precept: All things can be affected by natural forces. Conclusion: All things can be affected by Good and Evil. (This may not be in your philosophy--it isn't in mine--but many generations have founded their Sciences upon this conclusion. It doesn't have to be _true_ to be scientific--merely systematic, well-organized and acceptable to students as "knowledge.") To go on with the "Knowledge" on which Tolkien bases his story... Truism: All things can be affected by Good and Evil. If you can use Good and Evil, you can affect all things in the same degree. In _@Lords@ of the Ring_ all beings and things are con- sistent within these postulations; they are manifest of Good and Evil, and affected by Good and Evil. Their actions are based upon the degree of their abilities to use these natural forces". They have organized a body of knowledge, and utilize its precepts to build machines * and @develope@ attitudes to use Good and Evil to affect each other and their environment. _@Lords@ of the Ring_ is as validly science fiction as any of the interstellar or interdimensional stories, which are based on the precept that all intelligent beings can change their place of environment--to move from one place to another. One place is here or there and another place is in another dimension, galaxy or solar system. Any intelligent being can move to another galaxy, solar system or dimension. These stories never give operable descriptions of _how_ either. Len called _@Lords@ of the Ring_ borderline s-f, because he doesn't consider the story to have unlimited reality. By unlimited reality I mean--not absolute truth--but rather @apparancy@ beyond the confines of the story. If the characters and lands appear to exist and have interaction between themselves, and the story is only a chronicle of particular actions and effects resulting from their @inate@ natures, and if these chronicles are consistant and relate happenings soundly based upon the precepts of these beings, then the story has disciplined imagination and unlimited reality, and may be catagorized as science fiction. I had hoped _my_ truism would be self-evident and would eliminate these interminable articles upon what constitutes science fiction. -AS *Such as Rings of Power which distort mental processes, @impentrable@ armor made of metal of unknown base-whose qualities suggested to me an alloy of platinum and aluminum plus particular sensitive trace elements, swords and daggers with various side benefits like glowing in the presence of certain undesirable elements (Evil Forces).