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[page 10] There's a new poster out which costs about $5.00. It's a big mural which has all three covers of the Ballantine edition of the Lord of the Rings. An English Edition of the Lord of the Rings just came out and it has all three volumes in one. It doesn not include any of the appendecies though. It was published by Allen and Unwin. I just found an article in a Chicago underground magazine called the 'Seed' about a new store opening there called Dee Gandalf's which sells psychedelic posters, etc. I also found an album by a rock group called the Gandalf- he seems to be big now. It seems as a Tolkien lover one has to have a love for nature, natural beauty, and simplicity. A Tolkien zine, Orcrist, will be included with Tolkien Jounral subscriptions in the near future. As we've already accomplished, the Science Fiction World Convention will be in St. LOBY this year, Jack Gaughan and Ted White are the guests of honor. Along with the Worldson will be a Tolkien Society of America meeting on September 1st. All members and interested people in the St. Louis area should definitely attend. Both the meeting and the convention are at the Chase Park Plaza. [page 11] By the way if you see St. Louis spelled wrong anywhere it happens to be a personal joke. I hate it! So far I've heard of about 5 Tolkien groups in St. Louis. They include a prominent number of hippies meeting in Forest park here by the main fountain. You hear a few hints of ea each group and then they seem to die. If only all of us could get organized! In the last Green Dragon (the newsletter of the T.S.A.) there was a list of smials (local Tolkien groups) and under those in Missouri was us and one at Missouri U., Columbia and the address was: R. Godfrey, 233 Donnely Hall, 65201. By the way the Green Dragon was pretty bad. Besides the overly long-awaited smial list it was all old old info. on the T.S.A. and how to join. The same as always! Sure, you may have a lot of inquiries Ed but that's no excuse to use half a needed newsletter on the same old stuff. Why is it that the libraries won't let groups of younger people meet? They're part of the reasons we can't meet often. [page 12] At the World Sci-Fi Convention look out for Tolkien artwork and garb. Now I have news of a third Tolkien Biography- a paperback from Ballantine called "J.R.R. Tolkien- a look behind the Lord of the Rings". It will be written by Lynn Carry who had not talked to Tolkien. The cost will be $.95.