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[page 8] Omas O Ennorath {Title art: Omas O Ennorath is drawn in block letters. Often connecting lines of the letter are broken by negative space.} A LETTERCOL-MY VISIT WITH TOLKIEN'S DAUGHTER BY TOLKIEN's AMEIRCAN EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOUTON MIFFLIN COMPANY 2 PARK STREET BOSTON 02107 Dear Bob: Of course I am delighted to tell you about my meeting with Tolkien's daughter--not that there is a great deal to tell. Priscilla Tolkien is Proffesor @Professor@ Tolkien's only daughter and youngest child. She is Professor of social work at Oxford University. This was her first visit to the United States and Boston was her first port of call. She arrived July 26th in time to have lunch with Mr. Austin Olney (mentioned in the Road Goes Ever On-B.L.) Sales Manager of Houghton Mifflin Company, and me. It was a delightful occasion. Miss Tolkien's first impression of this country was highly favorable and she was eager to see as much as possible in her short time here. She devoted the afternnon to sightseeing in Boston and spend that night with Mr. Olney in Manchester, which is on the cost of Boston, before going on to Maine. She also visited New York and Washington and spend some time with friends in North Carolina. A leeter @letter@ written since her return expresses great enthusiasm for the United States and a regret that her visit had to be so short. She is a charming person with the warmth and friendliness one might expect from the daughter of the man who created the Hobbit. It was a nice coincidence that brought the Tolkien Tribune to me the same day Miss Tolkien was here. She was delighted to have it and has undoubtedly shown it to her father by now (!). She mentioned in her letter that she was about to go down to the south coast, where her parents are staying, to see them. Sincerely yours, Anne N. Barrett Editorial Dept. Mrs. Barrett was the first American to read The Lord of the Rings as it came to her first Since then all manuscripts of Tolkien have gone straight to her. She corresponded for a while with Tolkien. We are most proud to have her as a member of the Tolkien Society of St. Louis.