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[page 4] <stylized and handwritten> Is Frodo Dead?</stylized and handwritten> Some of us who have been around long enough still remember the days when Entmoot and I Palantir were around. Where Tolkien was only mentioned in fanzines and a meeting of a fannish society discussed him in fun & sheer simplicity, the way the books ware made. Remember the Fellowship of the Ring? Its all in the past now. the simplicity of Hobbitry is dead. Hippies (etc.) have gotten a hand in Tolkien turning the fantasy, unintentionally allegorical books, into the scholarly, intellectual novel of our times. But all fads come and go and when the true flower children went out so did Tolkien leaving the intellectual book idea for others to pick up. In speaking of Tolkien in an article about Hippies. Esquire magazine said: "Tolkien is out, Frodo's dead. "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Heinlein) has taken over." Although many argued at the time it wasn't so far from the truth. In most Tolkien Journal articles such things as the relationship "between Eru, the Valar, God, and Christ" are discussed, yet Eru is just Eru and the Valar just the Valar, when you go far beyond this point you lose the true beauty of Tolkien. My point can plainly be shown in this runner: In Scott Smith"s (9533 Pentland ave.,Temple City Calif.) California Tolkien zines 'Ilmarin' and 'Nazg' I read of celebrations like that of the birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo , everyone blew out candles, sang Happy Birthday and generally altogether, it was a fun time. The following year at the Victory Celebration a ring was set on fire, and some weird one jumped in a bush. It was mostly attended by Hippies who've never heard of Tolkien. In one report I read on the celebration it said, "all in all a mind-expandind @expanding@ experience".