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[page 18] {Image: The top fifth of the page is given over to a line drawing of Quinn the Eskimo fighting a dragon. The dragon is on the left side of the page. It is a traditional dragon for the Mathom Sun, with spikes growing from it's back, wings sprouting from its shoulders, sharp, three clawed feet, and fire coming from it's mouth. The dragon's head is turned away from Quinn. Along with the flames coming from its mouth are five puffs of smoke. A purple speech bubble, reading "AUGH" appears just above the dragons head. The dragon is largely inked in green, except for the wing and spikes, which are brown, and the bottom of its left forefoot, which is red. To the right of the dragon is an arrow with the caption "THE DRAGON." On the right side of the page is Quinn himself, thrusting his blade forward as he smiles beneath his fur hood. In his left hand is a tool that might be an ice pick. Quinn is inked in brown with the exceptions of the sword hilt (green) and skin (purple). From his mouth a speech bubble read "HUZZA." To the right of Quinn is an arrow captioned "QUINN, ESKIMO."}