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[page 15] Can it be that another Saron @Sauron@ has arisen, and this time under our very noses? All evidences would point to this conclusion. Great fortresses have been put up by the hands of countless dark-skinned Southrons, all strategically placed on top of the best mulberry patches. A great tower has been built on the very banks of the Rouge, from the top of which one can survey the whole valley, and at night one might see pulsating red flashes emanating from the roof parapet. Some call it Dearborn Towers, but we know whose it really is. Fairlane is again guarded and often impassible, and that modern Mt. Doom, the Rouge Plant, is mass-producing pollution at record rates. Perhaps, as these proofs seem a bit far-fetched, I should cite a more recent incident. /now this is from last Spring/ Late last wonter @winter@ we noted the appearance of a new variety of rodent which we named Orgs due to their resemblance to certain creatures in Tolkien's writings. Little did we know how close we had come to guessing the truth until spring rolled around. By then we had discovered that the new species called themselves Renards, that they were rather wicked things, and also that they had migrated from Park Street. Other that @than@ that we had little knowledge of them and no reason to fear them. Thus it was that we came unarmed to Glorfindel's funeral that gloomy March day. We were gathered at Bombadil's house seeing as he had the best provisions for the funeral feast. Just as we finished laying poor Findel in his last presting @resting@ place, a band [unreadable] rushed out of the bushes, sieued @seized@ the body, and made off thru @through@ the wood a[unreadable]. Obviously we couldn't allow this kind of dishonor to our beloved [at least 5 unreadable words] to fetch our trusty blades. By the time we returned and picked up the trail they had a long head start, and the creatures seemed extremely swift footed. It was only after a long chase and a very hard fight that we managed to recover the body. The reader may have noticed that I referred to Glorfindel's last resting place while our Elf has in fact returned to life. I have chosen my words cadefully @carefully@, for Findel, when finally revived, became so frightened at our account of the day's events that [page 16] he has sworn off all sleep until this threat is banished forever from our forests. Glorfindel's assistance in this matter has been invaluable. It seems he has learned certain arts from Elrond which enabled him to raise up several floods in an effort to drown our enemies. We have now found that they escaped by climbing into the trees. We are confident, however, that this summer's heat will drive them to seek refuge in the waters of the Rouge, and their own pollution will devour them. A much more serious problem is how to deal with the traitors on Park Street. We have rumors of collaboration with Mordor, and it is probable that the Renards originated in this area. At present we think it best to encourage the Republic of Nona Street to join with the Empire in an all-out invasion of the Park Street area. Further details will be given at a later date. *** As I (H.T.) have said, this article had been turned in much earlier in the year. It is Adelard's guess that not all of the Renards had benn @been@ destroyed during the summer, although, progress has been noted on other fronts. Adelard saw a dead Renard on Military st. not two weeks ago. Thus, it is promising that what the river failed to do, the cars will well take care of....