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[page 13] {Image: A minimalist line drawing of the hobbit company and the Eskimo appears to the right of the map. Four hobbits are depicted. Each hobbit is made of two circles (head and body) and three lines (one arm and two legs). From the footprints the hobbits are leaving behind, it is clear they are walking to the left side of the page, away from the Eskimo. The Eskimo is drawn in an even more minimalist style than the hobbits. He has a vague body and a disconnected circle for a head on the back of his sled. From the Eskimo a long line extends toward the dogs. This is a whip, as can be discerned by the word "CRACK" written above it. The dogs are not consistent in how they are drawn, some made only of lines, and one of circles and lines. There are three dogs depicted in this image. A speech bubble is rising from the image. It reads "MUSH." Above the illustration is a message, "done by dain @Dain@," which is accompanied by a downward pointing arrow.}