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[page 2] Club News TO THE MEMBERSHIP!8 _MEMBERS!_ --a new addition to this paper (as becomes a paper-when it wishes to expand it makes additions!) The Mathom Sun shall henceforth deal in Club news. Immediately following are articles dealing with Kingship-papers-Monmouth Mini Summit, etc. Firstly. This is being originally written in 4th hour lunch where Adelard is writing poetry, Balin is eating after expounding some excellent views which shall prove the moat of this discourse and I write. "What do you think of the Kingship?" started it all. It appears we could use a King. But Aragorn refuses to write unless fully aroused by a volley of angry protest, to which he responds in kind, leaving us all feeling that he is a rather rotten fellow. Let him estivate, if he so desires (you may read my other article- which is published later on, please; also, disregard that article, if you will, in favor of the plans put forth by this one.) The solution seems to be-get a leader. Aragorn is troubled by all our letters so--we should utilise @utilize@ Faramir. However, he feels kingship would prove detrimental to his large correspondence and doesn't feel we should have the right to dispose of Elessar any way. I propose we retain Faramir as a leader doing his will in the "name of the king", soiled as that may be, as our Steward--an office which Elessar has no right (in his form) to dismiss Faramir from! All hinges upon papers and letters, but if these fail as club essentials-- we won't have a club any wayy @way@ so, who cares about proposition #1. All members (about 50 are needed) pay $1 to Steward. He removed $10 for use in official correspondence in the form of making notices, lists, and distributing same. With the remaining $40 he makes up grants. In effect the club subsidies each paper by giving it some money for the next issue. This should be enough to cover paper or dittos or some such. It could be a set amount, 2 to 5 dollars, but this would mean that a small paper would get far more than a large one. The best solution therefore--would be to pay about 1 cent per page per copy. Keep in mind that these grants would be paid out for the next issue of each paper at the editor's request. This avoids a $10 loss when a paper puts out two issues and folds. Please send your comments along on the form enclosed--the last page.