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[page i] Pin Up Dragon _no_ 5 {Title Art: The font used in the title is suggestive of medieval typeface. The title appears on a banner at the top of the page.} {Illustration: The cover consists of a line drawn scene, high above the Lonely Mountain, that takes up the entire page. The scene is so high above the mountain that the horizon has a visible curvature. The sun is peeking out to the right of the mountain (reader left). Two eyes are visible on the "face" of the sun. Its corona is made of three sharp points. The mountain itself is detailed with a gust of mist two thirds of the way up. Near the base of the mountain a large entrance leads to an interior chamber from which smoke is protruding. This entrance is framed by an arch of stones, and is lead up to by a great stairway that leads out of the valley below. A river runs up to the bottom of the stairway, over which there is one bridge. To left of the mountain, much closer to the reader's point of view, is Smaug, inked with green outline and scales, red tongue, eyes, and accents, and purple wings. Smoke rises from Smaug's nostrils, drifting up and to the left to meet with the end of the title banner. Smaug's proportions are unusual in that his limbs are much too small to support his body. His wings, however are gigantic. Smaug faces the left margin of the page. Under his left wing, the word "Smaug" is inked in green in a stylized font of block letters.} Smuag <Handwritten in cursive, inked in red.> * a chiz is a whig of a swig (or swig of a whig) as any fule kno! <End handwriting.>