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[page 2] The Mathom Sun Once more - here it is. First, comments in reply to the last Sun: (May I remind you that there are always conditions under which one paper may not be as good as another. Thus, when you ask for changes, I can only comply. You must ask for changes and must also tell me what's wrong, however). Besides being the first edition to hit our own presses, it was the first to be sold in great numbers to non-members. So, I hope to present artciles @articles@ and views which can be valuable to _all_ readers. This issue - more clolr @color@ (Typer's note - ???? That should be color) - more articles - _and_ - more dragons. I should print the replies. There were only three. Faramir writes (I here sum up a page in a paragraph) that we have limitless possibilities with Tolkien but he has heard of many new books from our club anyway. _Stranger in a Strange Land_ by Heinein @Heinlein@, for instance. Thus we should continue. Our "club" _has_ been falling apart. All members or would-be members should write Faramir! I did receive other letter scolding me for my views as of Vol. 2, No, 2 - so - A Retraction Firstly, any author as popular a Professor J.R.R. Tolkien must be (not swamped but) swimming in mail. While perhaps be was wrong in labeling two earnest students as "autograph hunters," it is evident that any answer at all is uncommon. Thus, he is not an "ogre" if any have received that impression. Secondly, I will stay out of political scenes hereafter with the _M.S._ Phil Helms is _not_ a commie and _I_ am not a Bircher. More detailed explanations will be in the _Misty Mountain Monthly_ (informally called 3M). I have noted that there are NO Communists, only people ln the U.S. who have swallowed parts of the Communist literature, for the cause of free speech, hook, Lenin, and sinker. For me, every time I see such "anti-" stuff, I see _Red!_ Lastly, (the last dig, that is), I hereby publicly regret portraying Fiddler Crab in red ink in Vol 1, No. 2 because, as everyone knows, that means I called this arch-villain a Commie. I did not intend, however, that the cartoon imply that only Reds were evil. - So - read on.