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[page 3] ANDURIL, FLAME OF THE WEST Part II Salvation of the West Though king after King did pass out his days In exile in Rivendell, Narsil remained, In its broken state, not wanted, unused, Till the dya @day@ came again when its shards would be fused At the end of the Third age the day finally came, As Aragorn made ready to ride forth to fame, To Elf-smiths he said: "Elendil's bright sword Must now by your skill be strongly reforged." The sword was remade, the blade was refined And on it was set Lord Aragorn's sign. So with Sun, Cresent Moon, and Seven stars as the crest 'Twas renamed "Anduril, Flame of the West." South rode Kingly Aragorn to claim Gondor's throne And protect all the West from the Dark Power regrown So with the <Handwritten.> Quest thought <End handwriting.> in vain and the Fellowship torn, The Victor at Helm's deep rose Aragorn. Twas hopeless, men thought to take the Path's @Paths@ of the Dead, But those paths, it was found, to victory led; For on the fleet of the enemy arrived Anduril To turn back the Mordor hosts at Pellenor Field* *(This is the end of the poem as I found it, however, it may be unfinished)