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[Page 1] ANNOUNCEMENT --- ANNOUNCEMENT --- ANNOUNCEMENT Your servant, Ann Tonsor, is running for the second year a little excursion called the Stratford trip. This trip goes to the Shakesperian @Shakespearean@ Festival in Statford Ontario, usually sometime in late august @August@. The cost of <Handwritten between lines.> IT <End handwriting.> will probably be about fourteen dollars, but that is a pittance to pay for round-trip bus fares, two tickets, and such excellent management (ahem)! The trip is based at Ann Arbor High School, but is 9ndependent @independent@ of A.A.H.S.; non-students are welcome. If enough of the Dearborn-area people are interested, I could probably arrange transportation (otherwise you'd have to come to A.A.H.S.). Last year, what with the riots on the route, a rear-end collision (not our fault! Ask the Stratford police) and other complications, the trip almost became an adventure. This yaer @year@ we hope it won't be so eventful, but still it is great fun and of course highly cultural and edifying. For those or you with pa-rents, the trip is very respectable, safe, clean, trustworthy, and approved by innumerable teachers and such-like. Anyone who is interestedshould @interested should@ write the Managment @Management@ at 1505 Morton, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104