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[page 6] SUPPLEMENTARY NOTE ( putin @putin@ at the last minute) Our government, at the present time, isn't all that can be desired. I have pro- system of such which has been proven effective hwhere @where@ members really showed interest in the subject for which the club was formed. I have written Hurin, Elfhelm, Radagast, Eomer, Gandalf and everyone, and asked them to write in to Faramir and proclaim themselves King. Faramir alone can tell what his reactions were. I intend to start a new club which will be named the Empire. ( headed by anyone who wishes to join. Be the first Anarchest on your block!) We will discuss Tolklen and anyhtlng @anything@, (though) primarily Tolkien), and we can wargame if desired. Members don't have to write other than a few @afew@ here and there letters , I shall, however, keep up as much as possible. You must write now thto @to@ join. Marcia Merryman won't join after all. Eomer is quitting the NN proper to join. You can remain member of any other club you wish when you join. Yours, H.T.