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[page 3] ***CLASSIFIED ADDS @ADS@***WANTED***NOTICES*** Wanted: Anyone interested in exchanging old Science Fiction or Fantasy or Science Fantasy or Gobble-de-gook books (preferably paperback) write Radagast the Brown. Box 295 Kailua, Hawaii 96734 Wanted: Anyone willing to exchange local myths, stories, beeps concering local Gov't. or law and/or anything strange or ordinary. Write Radagast The Brown (address above) NOTICE: I, SARADOC, MASTER of BUCKLAND, HAVN'T @HAVEN'T@ MOVED OR DIED ( as far as I know) (although the latter was the widely accepted rumour in Tookland. Ed.) PLEASE, SEND ALL LETTERS (AND GIFTS) TO THE FORMER ADDRESS. Saradoc Brandybuck......... Radagast: Where is my coconut??? H.T. Wanted: Typing lessons and/or any and all bells. ( must be portable and can be rung by hand) Hildifons Took.....