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[Page 7] <Title in Tengwar Script - does not translate into English> {Tengwar script} Included in this issue is an article on how to read this. If you've gotten this far - you've got the right idea. As stated in Marcella's article, "Writing completely phonetically is impractical" as I found out when I first tried elvish. I developed a relatively simple phonetic mode in which long carriers altered the values of vowels. I was very easy to write – but very hard to read. However - Tolkien's Tengwar were meant to be phonetic. The easiest solution I have found is this - wherein the consonants are written phonetically - while the vowels are written as in English. Thus "Ph" is written as "{f, in Tengwar}" and silent "gh" is ommitted. {End Tengwar script.} {Image: A decorative pattern of red curls, inked in red, runs down the right margin of the page.}