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[Page 10] [unreadable]uture [unreadable]nbounded Show and Convention July4-5-6-7 at the Statler Hilton Banquet-Masquerade-Fashions Art Show-Science Films Full Memberships $3.00-- supporting memberships $1.00 (with right to convert to full membershup at door for $2.50) For memberships and further information, write F-UN CON Charles A Crayne, 1050 N. Ridgewood Pl, Hollywood, CA 90038 {Image: "BAYCON" handwritten in blue ink} BAYCON 26th World SF Convention and Westercon XXI August 29-30-31-September 1-2 at Hotel Claremont (Berkely) Panels-Parties-Lectures-Masquerades-Banquet-Tournament etc, etc..... Memberships: Overseas $1. Supporting $2, Attending $3 Make Checks payable to J. Ben Stark Memberships and further information: BAYCON P.O. Box 261 Fairmont Station El Cerrito, CA 94530 {Image: "MYTHOPOEIC SOCIETY" is handwritten blue ink} MYTHOPOEIC SOCIETY is a group devoted seriously to the study of the works of three twentieth-cent. authors: {Image: followin names are hand-written in brown pen} J.R.R. TOLKIEN, C. S. LEWIS, and CHARLES WILLIAMS They hold their monthly discussions at various places. For information contact Glen Goodknight. 504 Elm, Alhambra. Phone 282-5969. A very interesting zine, the {Image: "TOLKIEN TRIBUNE" is hand-drawn in blue with brown T's.} TOLKIEN TRIBUNE monthly paper of the TSA, Saint Louis, is avaible for 50ยข from Bob Liebert 30 Country Fair Acres Creve Couer, MO 63141