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[Page 9] INSANITY {Title Art: The title is drawn in large, stylized block letters. Each letter is colored with a diffrent pattern of blue inks. The outline of each letter is in red. Drops of water are leaking from the first "I." They follow a path to the bottom of the page where the trail turns. By the time the drops get to the right side of the page, the trail continues upward three quarters of the page until they head back down into a drawing of a blue cup. The cup is to the right of the fourth stanza.} Insanity, Insanity, Closely akin to vanity, Only the few are given you, Only a lucky few. Only those who fortunately can yield to eccentricity are ever from reality liberated and set free. You shelter those who cannot cope With trial and tribulation. You comfort those who have no hope For mircale and salvation. Those who can look with a cockeyed glance, Need have no fear or chancing a chance. Their life is a carefree frivolous dance, with fantastical whimsical, circimstance. Often it's thought, its bad to be nuts, But it's often the nuts who've got the guts To innovate the needed reforms Rejuvenate the old "tested" norms, Incapacitate obsolete forms, Into XXX inspiration, mere thoughts transform and never succumb to the urge to confrom. The loony are among the great, They're the ones who cogitate, And come up with perfectrly matcheless mates, For the ideas of those who lived before, Combined they equal a stupendous success, Bettering man, and all the rest. In short, the crazy are those that live A life that's all a banquet. They gorge themselves on platters of dreams and find that they quite like it. --Stanley Hoffman <Handwritten in brown ink.> WELCH' LIGHT LEUCHTET DORI? IT IS THE EAST, AND JULIET IS THE SUN. <End handwriting.>