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[Page 5] <Handwritten in green.> REPORT ON THE <End green.> <Handwritten in red.> SSMESIT PARTY <End handwritting, end red> {Image: The title art is framed by two mushrooms, which are shded in dark blue.} The SSMESIT's only activity othern than this fanzine
to date was our party last October. We held it in the yeard of Pat Rawlings' neighbor. With lots of
leafy trees and hanging plants, it was sort of a cross
between Lórien and a Medieval Castle. Guests included Paula Sigman, Elrond (Glen Goodnight), Connie Griffith, Galadanor (Sandra Baldif), Judy Fronman, Plath, Pat Rawlings, Ioreta (Parcella Juhren), Carol Onan, and me. When all arrived, attired in Medieval costume, board was l[unreadable]id. Board consisted of a delicous
Middle-Earth stew concocted by Pat, free bread, and
mushrooms in butter, among other tasty dishes. After
dinner, the Quest was begun. The items on this scavenger hunt consisted of Nut of the Hallorn Tree (walnut), a Length of Elven Rope (string), Pied Eye of a Three-Tooth Dragon (Pepsi Cap), a Bit of Mithril (tinfoil),
etc., etc.. Upn returning, the winning group received plaster seales proclaiming: [Elvish script]. Glen passed out copies of the bibliography and told of the Mythopoetic society and the hopped for Victory Celebration in March. Various disccsions were held about many things. <Handwritten in blue.> JEG DRKKER ØLET MITT, HAN DRIKKER ØLET HANS, HAN HAR DET BEDRE HVIS HAN DRIKKER IKKE ØLET MITT <End blue.>
<Handwritten in red.> HELL UNSER HELD TRISTAN WIE DER ZINS ZAHLEN KANN! <End handwriting.>