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[Page 4] Carachbrui {Title Art: The title, "Carachbrui" is handwritten in block letters. Other than the interior ofthe "c's," the letters are left white. The outline of each letter is colored as follows: green, green, blue, green red, green, blue, green, red, green. After the title a line drawing of a fictional creature appears. The creature is all hair except for eyes and spikey feet. The art is inked in red and is unsigned.} {Image: Embellishments run down the left and right sides of the text.} This is the first issue of I Barad, the official organ of the San Fernando Valley Chapter, SSMESIT, which was formed to start some fannish activity in the San Fernando Valley, and so we would have a good excuse for publishing a fanzine. It is available from me at 25 ¢ or 5/$1.00. Naturally, all contributors get copies containing their contributions free. Please include your zip codes, they really cut costs. It will be published whenever we have enough material to make publishing worthwhile, and enough money to print and post it. The San Fernando valley Chapter, SSMESIT (both names usable single or together) was formed several months ago by several fans who wanted fandom brought to the Valley. Anyone and Everyone who lives in the San Fernando Valley, and would like to join is welcome. At this moment this fanzine is our main activity. We were planning to go en masse to the FU-N CON (see announcements page), but it doesnt look like we'll be able to make it. However, we do plan to attend the Elvish New Year and Victory Celebration in March. If we get enough members, transportation will not be a problem. We might even be able to hold some more celebrations here. Just because the SSMESIT's main objective is to foster fandom in the SFValley does not mean this will be a strictly local zine. I Barad is a fantasy-sf zine, leaning heavily toward Tolkein. We also go in for Mediavalism @Medievalism@, Star Trek, and music (not necessarily in that order). Speaking of Star Trek, there is an actve campaign underway to save the show for the next season. Write a letter to Mr. Julian Goodman, President, National Broadcasting Company, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY 10026, to keep the show on the air. Hurry, as there is not much time. We would also like to fill the gap left by Entmoot and I Palantir as far as Elvish is concerned, so we xxx will have, as a regular feature of this zine, a coolumn entirely in Tengwar. Those of you who always wanted to learn Elvish, but never thought you'd have a use for it now have one, because we will not print translations of I Telco A I Lûva in English. If htere is enough interest, I would consider doing a dimilar column in runes. (continued on page 8) [Page 8] (Carachbrui, continued from page 4) Anyone wishing to contribute art, stories, poems, book reviews, or money, please send it/them and all LoC's to Stanlye Hoffman, SSMESIT 7657 Orion AV Van Nuye, CA 91406 More and more fanzines seem to be adopting the practice of selling advertising space to remain solvent. We aren't going to be an exception. Rates are $2.00 for a full page, $1.50 for a half page, and $1.00 for a quarter page. Please make all checks and money orders payable to me (Stanley Hoffman). We will print free anouncements of non-profit fannish events, clubs, and zines, etc.. Our printer, by virtue of the ditto machine her father has so kindly allowed us to use, si Paula Sigman. Extra copies of this issue (a //// collecters item!) are available for 25¢. That is until our second issue is printed, then they will be back issues and the cost will be higher, depending on how many are left. We hope future issues are larger. Write some letters of comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Stanley Hoffman