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[page 1] <Handwritten.> Summer 1968 <End handwriting.> {Title art: The following title is handwritten in a thin stylized font.} hobytla #1 {Image: Below the title is a line drawin of a sene from the Shire. A smial and a tree frame the tite. Both are behind a stone fence with a wooden gate. Behind the fence and to the right of the gate is an open mailbox with the name "Took" on the side. The flag is up.} HOLBYTLA #1 MSU TOLKIEN FELLOWSHIP CERVETH 31, 9837 {Divider: A solid line separates the artwork above from the text below.} Holbytla is a summer newsletter for members and friends of the MSU Tolkien Fellowship. It is published by Inurion Randebaran, 6459 Shadowlawn, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127. Comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome and appreciated.