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[page 1] LITERARY (?) NEWS Cosmic Crullers and Magic Bagels are in the works at the kitchen of Tracie R. Brown in Alexandria, but she is having difficulty due to the singular scarcity of spirit duplicators (ditto machines, stupid) They are scarce here, too. As you may have noticed, Holbytla is, due to circumstances beyond our control being mimeod, much as we disapprove. Work goes forward on my own fanzine, Dwimmerlaik. Contributions of artwork, or of a more literary nature are welcome, of course. The copy presently at hand includes a new theory of the Great Rings by one Silmarien o Laurelen, an extremely difficult crossword puzzle (complete with Antar Esu Ngoben) and a review of Mervyn Peake's new fantasy trilogy, _Ghormenghast_. Hope for the _Silamrillion_ is still strong with new of a possible first short volume within the next twelve months (or was that twelve yeni ? I just can't quite seem to recall--IK) {Divider: A line made of cent symbols divides the text above rom the image below.} {Image: A line drawing of a pumpkin growing on a vine ends the right column.}