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[page 16] Gil-Galad (Melanie Weiss) (I, 250) {Musical Notation: The page includes twenty-nine bars of music. The notation should be read in treble clef, 4/4 time, in the key of F major.} GIL-GALAD WAS AN ELVEN KIN, OFO HIM THE HAPERS SADLY SING: THE LAST WHOSE REALM WAS FAIR AND FREE BE-TWEEN THE MOUN-TAINS AND THE SEA. HIS SWORD WAS LONG HIS LANCE WAS KEEN, HIS SHINING HELM A-FAR WAS SEEN; THE COUNTLESS STARS OF HEAVEN'S FIELD WERE MIRRORED IN HIS SILVER SHIELD. LONG AGO HE WENT AWAY AND WHERE HE DWELL-ETH HOME CAN SAY: FOR INTO DARKNESS FELL HIS STAR IN MORDOR WHERE THE SHA-DOWS ARE... ("the song is very odd--it must be played with the harmony else it's nonsensical and disconnected.") {Divider: A solid green line separates the song above from the text below. Two leaves sprout from the line near the margins of the page.}