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[page 3] {Image: Small sketch of a bar of musical notations} <handwriting.F-C-C-D-A SHARPED-MARKED IN. SLOW CHANT.<End handwriting. {Image: itle is flanked by two simple sketches of flowers, inked in green} <handwriting>TWO VERSES FROM EÄRENDIL (BB, 301-31)<end handwriting> 1.EAR-EN-DIL WAS A MAR-IN-ER THAT TAR-RIED IN AR-VE-NI-EN, HE BUILT A BOAT OF TIM-BER FELLED IN NIM-BRE-THIL TO JOURNEY IN. HER SAILS HE WOVE OF SIL-VER FAIR, OF SIL-VER WERE HER LANTERNS MADE, HER PROW WAS FASH-IONED LIKE A SWAN, AND LIGHT U-PON HER BAN-NERS LAID. 9. AND O-VER MID-DLE-EARTH HE PASSED AND HEARD AT LAST THE WEEP-ING SORE OF WO-MEN AND OF EL-VEN-MAIDS IN ELDER DAYS, IN YEARS OF YORE, BUT ON HIM MIGH-TY DOOM WAS LAID. TILL MOON SHOULD FADE, AN ORBÉD STAR TO PASS, AND TAR-RY NE-VER MORE ON HI-THER SHORES WHERE MOR-TALS ARE; OR EVER STILL A HERALD ON AN ER-RAND THAT SHOULD NE-VER REST TO BEAR HIS SHIN-ING LAMP A-FAR, THE FLAM-MI- FER OF WEST-ER-NESSE.... {Musical notation: The lyrics above are accompanied by a musical score. The notation is in trebble clef, 3/4 time, and a key of E major. In total, there are forty bars of music.}