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[page 12] _THE MUSHROOM_ There are mushrooms and there are mushrooms. Of course there are different kinds; however, one cannot tell with much certainty thier background. There are the ones that grow in the shade. Some grow on trees (poon trees!); some on dead leaves on the ground. I could go on all day like this, but I won't. One thing I must add is that some are good to eat (yummy, yummy in the tummy) while others are poisonous to mortals, and especially men. On the roof of my home (or should I say hole?), I have cultivated one of the more delectable varieties, at least to my sensative palate. In fact, it's my very favorite. They grow in little rings, called by Men Faerie Rings, though for what reason, I know not. Actually, that's how I plant them--in a circle 'coz I like Rings. When they're ripe, I pick them and roast them in the coals of my fire. Or they are not bad deep fat fried (that's more fattening, though) or broiled either. it really depends on my mood how I fix them. Here, have one (or 2, or 3, or ...); it's on the house! Enjoy!