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[page 10] {Image: This page is entirely given to a drawing of a map of the Land of Cotton. The land is boardered by a "_Western Sea_" and and eastern mountain range and "Desert". The northmost region of the map is labled "Terra Incognita," which is boardered by the "Wall of Jil-Jan" and "Jill-Jan's Estate". East of the estate are three points of interest: the "Place of the Lion," the "Misty Marshes," and "Something City." At the southeastmost portion of the wall is a gate labeled "Jimmy's Gate. The center portion of the map has more notable features, most of which branch out from "Nordia [The Capital]." Three rivers lead north from "The Bay" east of the Capital. From east to west, they are the "R. Drond," the "R. Corma" and the "R. Nordath." The "R. Ghostwade" runs almost directly east of Nordia, over the "Plateau of the Unicorns" to the "Cave of Haunts." The "King's Road" runs from Nordia to the Cave of Haunts following the R. Ghostwade. The "Rublie Way" runs south from Nordia and splits off into an unnamed eastern road at the "Wizardhold Wizard's P[unreadable]" to the "Citadel" and "Hidden Stairway," just north of the "Old Forest." This middle portion of the map is also occupied by the "Tapinca Islands" in the Western Sea, including "Pudding Is.," "Tundra Is." and the "Smokestack Ruins," which appear to be beneath the sea. Tundra Is. is home to the city of "Sniff [Capital of Snuff-Snuff Empire]" and "Thunder Mtn." The bottom third of the map is busier than the top third, but more spread out than the middle in the western sea is a compass pointing to north as the upward dirrection on the map. To the left of the compass is a title that explains this is a map of "The Land of Cotton." Below the title "Here be Dragons" is written next to a small x. South of the Old Forest runs an unnamed river that drains into the "Enchanted Lake." "Nasek's Harbor" sits at the mouth of the river; a "Boathouse is marked on the map just southeast of the harbor. "Fever Road" crosses the river where it forks, and runs from the "Home of Nasek" up to Wizardholm's. South of the Enchanted lake is "Kirk's End," which in turn is northwest of the "Tower" and "Ruined Spaceport." The southmost portion of the mainland consists of the "Salt Marsh" which gives way to a southern "Terra Incognita." The outline of the map is drawn as if it were an unfurling scroll, though some of the descriptions run off the scroll proper. Below the scroll the following message is handwritten in cursive: "The Land of Cotton at Present (12,362 JJ.)."}