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[page 9] T-R-O-L-L AS IN Jolly !! Griswald and Griselda are their names, and trolls is what they are. They're brother and sister, twins. Griswald had blue hair and Griselda white. Their diet consists of crab apples, dill pickles, and mustard sauce. That's why trolls are crabby, sour, and sharp. Even during the winter their fashions change very little. Trolls wear absolutely nothing all year long. That's why they are only fair weather friends. They sleep during the day, emitting loud smores. During the night they are the ones who knock when no one is at the door. That's why they are called knock-turnal. They have no paper money whatsoever. They only have coins. They use baggy old clothes as coins. They are the ones who gave us the term "loose change". Sometimes Griswald wears clothes, but he can only wear shorts, because he's not tall enough to wear pants. Griswald and Griselda are old enough so they have to wear dentures. They're called trolls bridges. In troll beauty wrinkles are important. So every night Griselda puts on her wrinkle cream. Trolls are known as diggers. They are trying to reach the center of the earth. They want to see whether it has a walnut cream or a cherry center. (What if it turns out to be coconut? That would disrupt a lot of big theories, I bet.--IK) Because their pets are usually insects and tiny ponies, they call veterinarians horse- and buggy doctors. Trolls are even so advanced as to have streets and highways. (There's one in Detroit called Griswald!--IK) They have buses and streetcars on the roads. Their streetcars are called trolleys. {Tengwar: bottom of the page has two initials written in Tengwar script.}