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[page 2] THE VIEW FROM ISENGARD or STOP THE PRESSES, I WANT TO GET OFF. This is MATHOM 1, printed partly as on experiment in red ink on blue paper. As I write this, I have little idea as to what contents it is going to hold, either in this issue or in future issues. As you can probably tell, what it especially needs is art work. Contribs in this line are more than welcome, since my own supply was never very vast or very good and it is running low. Any contribs will be welcomed with tears of joy, i.e. articles, poetry, even certain amounts of fiction. I'm not making any requirements, or even a suggestion, but contribs related to the Tolkien genre or even the Howard would be especially welcome. Incidentally, just in case any of you don't know, the very title of this magazine is from Tolkien, from "The Lord of the Rings in fact. And I quote from page 15 of "The Fellowship of the Ring": {Image: Line drawing of mountains and a tower, probably Isengard.} .... "anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a _mathom_." Which I think pretty well sums up this magazine. _Notes on a change-over_ As you can see, this is being printed in red (pretty, isn't it?). But my machine did not always have red ink in it. In fact, until yesterday it had black ink, at which time I undertook to change it. It was not an easy task, as the machine is ornery @onery@ and I had never done it before and had no idea where to begin. I did not so much clean the machine as I scourged it. I purged it. I cleaned as much ink out with tissues and rags as I could, and then I poured nearly a bottle of terpentine @turpentine@ in. But it did not much good. There was still more ink in the machine than on my person, if possible. Finally I laid it down on the ground, without removing the drum from the machine (I didn't know how) and squirted it with a hose and went at it with soap and turp. It took a full hour but I got it clean. There was no ink in the machine; it was all on _me_ personally. I took a shower and scrubbed like a leper until the scalding hot water began to form into icesickles, @icicles@ and later I took a bath and worked some more, but I still have mimeograph ink in the most unlikely places. The entire basement smells of turp. As a matter of fact, if I had not worked on the machine yesterday I would not be here writing this today, because I was home with a cold which I was pretty nearly over, and would have been back in school today except that the contact with the cold water and the hard work caused me to have a relapse, and I work @woke@ up this morning feeling as though the war of the ring was going on in my head. Surely somebody knows a better way to do this?