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[page 1] In spite of the title --which, meaning Flame of the West, struck us as singularly appropriate for a fanzine published in Texas --this fanzine will not be exclusively concerned with Tolkien fandom, nor an attempt to compete with or displace I PALANTIR, the official voice of the Fellowship of the Ring. Rather, this zine will embrace all manner of private worlds and fantasy universes, and provice @provide@ a sounding board for those whose particular delight is in Cloak-and-Sword, sword-and-dorcery @sword-and-sorcery@ fantasy of the alien-worlds type; Kuttner, Vance, Howard, Brackett, Tolkien, and for lovers of Middle Earth, Islandia, Lankhmar, AL-Merdin and Carcosa, Coventry, The Green Kingdom or the country of Angria and the Gondals. "We" in this case means Paul Zimmer and myself. Sincere apologies are extended to Adrienne Martine, who had the idea of calling a fanzine ANDURIL soon after we did. No specific promises are made about how (continued on page 5) [page 5] continued from contents page frequently this fanzine will appear, but Don Studebaker sent us a letter, about the length of an Entish speech, which will serve as a core for a second issue; and future issues, also, will contain a letter column. And we have material promised from Ted White and others..... so there will be AT LEAST one more issue. Copies will be sent free to contributors, letter-writers, and to active members of the Hyborian Legion and the Fellowship of the Ring. Freeloaders and mere "collectors" are actively discouraged from subscribing; but for those who have more money than time, copies will be reluctantly dispensed for 25ยข each. NO subscriptions will be accepted for more than one issue in advance, at any time. For future issues we would be particularly interested in articles dealing with the work of Kuttner and Merritt, early Leigh Brackett, and the growth of fantasy into science-fiction fantasy. This fanzine will also serve as the small voice of that peculiar subdivision of fandom known as "costume fandom," We repeat; we are not competing with PALANTIR, or with AMRA, ; we just think it's too long between issues, and we think fandom can support more than one sword-and-sorcery fanzine. Are we right? Tell us.... Marion Bradley, David Bradley, Paul Zimmer