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[page 12] Yes, Elbereth, Gilbhonial, Who would not fly to thee? Who does not long to take the road Beyond the widest sea? Faerie dreams on a crimson shore, Songs of elves and dreams of beauty, Flashing swords in a far-off land, And thougths of wealth and booty. Ereams I dream I dream of thee, Elbereth lost to Earth. Who doesn't long for another time Before the pale moon's birth? To walk with Gandalf and his men, To fight with Sam and Frodo. Point me the way to Middle Earth, Show me the way and I'll go. For I don't fear the growing night Of Mordor, or the powers of dark; I'm coming back, I swear I am, For I hear it sung by a lark. There must be a road, there must be a way, That leads from now to then, Let me go, I can not stay! I must go to Middle Earth again. --DAVID HALL Dedicated to the bright fannish memory of Little Jimmie Wright.