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[toc] {Image: Five decorative vines, each accentuated with four leaves, frame the beginning of the page's text.} DAY* STAR is published once in a while by Marion Zimmer Bradley Box 158 Rochester, Texas {Image: A line drawing of an unidentified character appears to the left of the text above. The character is little more than an outline that looks like a mushroom with legs and two leaves sprouting from its head. The character's body is thin and made from parallel zig-zag lines. The character sports a smile.} and is distributed, usually, through the regular mailings the Fantasy Amateur Press Association and nowhere else at all, at all. However, this particular issue, together with copies of a Special Leaflet entitled MEN, HALFLINGS AND HERO WORSHIP, is being sent not only through FAPA, but to a select group of waiting-listers, friends and various other fans; if you receive a copy of this issue of DAY* STAR and you are not a member of FAPA, one of the following is probably the case; 1. You have sent me copies of your fanzine and I am ashamed of reciprocating so seldom. 2. You are a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. 3. You are a waiting-lister I consider especially valuable to FAPA and I am taking this way of showing my plensure at the thought of having you with us sometime. 4. I like you. 5. Your name is mentioned somewhere in one of these zines. 6. I am a whimsical person. {Divider: A line of hyphens seperates the text above from that below.} This is why there are no mailing comments in this bundle. Not because I have lost my enthusiasm, but simply because, after cutting and assembling 26 pages of ASTRA'S TOWER and at least 14 pages of DAY*STAR, I croggled at the thought of filling of another thirteen or fourteen stencils with more of my stuff. I think forty pages of Mezbiana in one bundle is more than enough for any FAPA member. So, unless I change my mind and decide I simply MUST make some comments to a few of you, there will be no CATCH TRAP in the May mailing. {Divider: A line of hyphens seperates the text above from that below.} DEPARTMENT OF OH, LOOK HERE, BOB SILVERBERG: I hereby warn you _not_ to read CRIME STORY in this issue. A couple of mailings ago you complained that I had "touched off...two acute attacks of squeamishness" with my accounts of the death of a kitten and of my experiences with a knife thrower. Since you deserve well of me, for many reasons, I have no desire to upset you again; so skip this one, please. {Divider: A line of hyphens seperates the text above from that below.} SECRETS OF HAPPY BUNDLING: I would never have believed it, until I became the Official Editor.....the variety of ways in which the post office can mishandle a bundle (like, slicing them open for inspection and cutting one fanzine in half); the way in which incredibly optimistic kids package fanzines (like putting them back in the torn paper in which the ream was wrapped, tying with a bit of string and scrawling my address in pencil). Or conversely the way in which Danner and Evans pack a fanzine so tightly that it takes me a half hour and four broken broken fingernails to get it out...