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[page 18] The Fellowship FIRST ANNUAL MEETING The first meeting of "The Fellowship Of The Ring" was whistled to order by the Chairman, Ted Johnstone, at 11:11:45 on Sunday, the 4th of September, 1960. He stated that the Fellowship had finally gotten off the ground -- to the extent of 17 floors. The occasion was the 18th World Science Fiction Convention, held at the Penn-Sheraton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ted announced that the working title for the Fellowship had, after an initial objection by perhaps three people, been fully endorsed by those contacted. The purpose of the Fellowship was literary criticism and appreciation of the Middle Earth works of J.R.R.Tolkien. I PALANTIR, the official organ, would cost 25¢ per issue and would be included with memberships; membership certificates were planned, along with an active membership certificate following acceptance of a contribution to I PALANTIR. The active membership would give a fancier certificate and a much better feeling. Eric Bentcliffe quipped that the less active members could be called Fellow Travellers of the Ring. Richard Eney asked when contributors could find out whether their research papers had been accepted. Ted announced that Í PALANTIR would attempt quarterly publication, depending on whenever the magazine could be filled with worthwhile materiel @material@. He gave a run-down of the contents of issue #1. Al HaLevy's planned publication of a glossary of Middle Earth was mentioned. Co-Chairman Bruce Pelz outlined the original plan to have Councils of the Fellowship named after colors; the suggestion was made that the local Councils take their names from the canon. He also explained that contact with Tolkien had not been completed concerning the Fellowship, and that he was being presented with Í PALANTIR as a _fait accompli_ because a working organization was preferable to one on the planning board. George Heap mentioned a rumored Tolkien society at Yale with five degrees of knowledge, four verbal and one written. Jean Young offered to contact Yale within three weeks. The suggestion was made that the Fellowship serve as a clearing house for the Tolkien clubs that may exist isolated from each other, and Bruce Pelz explained the advantage of an organization already down on paper in terms of seniority because there are other Tolkien clubs already in existance @existence@; an entrance paper, as opposed to a written text, gives prestige. Larry Shaw suggested an ad in Saturday Review. Other suggestions were ads and articles in college newspapers and college bulletin boards. Pelz mentioned the glass goblet -- or rather, orclet -- with the eye of Sauron and the Ring inscription which the Society was giving to the best artwork of a Tolkien theme in the Fan Art Show at the Pittcon: the three entries consisted of two paintings and a group of small bronze statues. Bjo Trimble announced that suitable membership pins could be made cheaply enough for the Fellowship. [page 19] It was decided that the school year, or the Science Fiction year, which begins in September, was preferable to the Calendar year. It was passed unanimously that there be a membership fee of $1.00 as seperate from a subscription to Í PALANTIR at $1.00 for 5 issues. Total attendance at this meeting was 37. A total of $39.80 was collected in memberships and sales of I PALANTIR. The general note of the meeting was enthusiasm. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00. Respectfully submitted, Jack Harness