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[page 36] A news note for Tolkien fen who remember fondly the former Tolkien zine, ENTMOOT. We have a note from Greg Shaw, advising that he will pub a new zine, OXO-BEPPO, shortly. While I gather it is not a Tolkien zine, but a continuation of the MOJO-NAVIGATOR, it is good to hear from Greg again. A "P.P.S." on the note will, however, interest LotR fen: "Entmooters, Thank you for your patience. I am thinking about reprinting the four issues of ENTMOOT that were published. I'd like to know if you think it would be a good idea." So, you fen who missed getting the old ENTMOOT, here is your opportunity: Drop a line to Greg, at 304 Poplar, Mill Valley, California, 94941, and advise him of your interest.