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[page 26] STEVEN LAWRENCE GOLDSTEIN 12058 Milton St., Wheaton, Md. 20902 First of all, I too must admit that I'm not an all-out Tolkien fan, but I do enjoy fanatsy (especially the Moorecock stories). I am but a lowly neofan, but I will put down my comments all the same. A lot of HOOM seems to me just plain blab. Gollum's Grandmother just talks about nothing in particular, as does Joe's Turn. Joe I think, just enjoys writing about his personal history. (Note: He mentions that he liked Moorecock's history of the runestaff, but what about his Elric stories which are Moorecock's best?) The article on tapes and the withered tree are more in line as good articles. They say something. Of Sting and Others was also good, but what about the sword Stormbringer in the Elric stories? This "heroic sword" was never conquered by Elric. The poster of Elvin tongue was the best example of art work in the issue. More of them. The art in HOOM is not terrible, but it is not good. Let's get some recruits. Date with Kate deserves to be dropped. I don't know many fans who go wild over Oz books. You have to be a little childish to be a fan, but for Oz, you have to be retarded. The article on the horse is one that shows that it was hastily put up to fill in space where another article was to have been placed, but wasn't. It shows it, but is still good. (What about the flying dragons in the Elric sotires?) [page 27] Mailing comments was good, but where does a neofan get these fanzines? All in all, HOOM was good ish, I guess, considering the newness of the mag. Keep it up!