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[page 16] by Gerald Bishop This year has seen a good deal of activity on the Tolkien front. George Allen & Unwin published a beautiful edition of "_The Road Goes Ever On_" in March. They also published "_Smith of Wootton Major_" illustrated by Pauline Baynes. However, the most important part of the year for the fans of Tolkien's work came in September and October, when the British Broadcasting Corporation broadcast "_The Hobbit_" as an eight-week serial, with music specially composed and the songs set ("like Gregorian chants," as Professor Tolkien says) by David Cain. This music was played by the Early Music Concert on a unique collection of original medieval instruments--including rackett, rebec, crumhorn, sackbut, ophioeide, sorduns, gemshorn, shawm and dulcian-- under the direction of David Munrow. The actors' voices were treated radiophonically, so that their tones match their characters@'@: the goblins were harsh and dissonant, the High Elves had (literally) music in thier voices. Also in October, for the first time, "_The Lord of the Rings_" appeared in paperback. The complete trilogy was published in one binding by George Allen & Unwin, 1077 pages for £1.10.0. The book with a striking cover by Pauline Baynes, who illustrated "_Smith of Wootton Major_," contains the revised version of 1966, and an appendix: "A Part of the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen From the Annals of the Kings and Rulers." The other appendices and the index have been omitted but are published in the hardback edition of "_The Return of the King_," which is available, as are the first two books in the series, at £1.5.0. each from George Allen & Unwin. The pull-out maps from the hardback editions where they were printed in red and black, are reproduced in the paper version on one page each of the 8¼ x 5 1/3 format. They are not as clear as in the larger format, and would have been better if they had been redrawn using thinner lines, as much detail is obscured by the heavy type, but this is the only criticism I have of this excellent edition of this classic trilogy. (The Lord of the Rings. George Allen and Unwin. Standard Book Number 04.823087.1. 1077 pp. £1.10.0.)