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[page 34] DATE WITH KATE Some of my favorite fantasy books are the Oz books. I like those written by Ruth Plumly Thompson best, but, of course, L. Frank Baum thought of Oz first. My mother still likes to read them. Maybe other older fans would like to read some of them, or get them out of the attic if they haven't read them since they were kids. If you like stories about knights, there is "Yellow knight of Oz," with a lot of old-fashioned words when they talk. I like the one "pirates in Oz," with a real swashbuckling (I'm glad I don't have that word in spelling yet) pirate adventure. But the pirate the book is about is a good guy. "Jack Pumpkinhead" has a sort of of dragon, a "griffin," really, but most monsters in Oz aren't very scary. I like horses and horse stories and so I like "Giant Horse of Oz." He had telescope legs and could make them long or short. Speedy, the hero of many of the Oz stories, gets to Oz on rocket ships and such--you outer space fans should like that. He even goes to the core of the earth in a misfired rocket in "Yellow Knight." he comes out in Subterranea, though, instead of Pellucidar like E.R. Burroughs. I guess there are lots of undiscovered worlds in the sky or under the earth that even the Oz authors haven't found. So there will always be lots of reading for fantasy fans. Until next ish, Happy reading! Kate