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[page 14] UNVARNISHED BATTLE 1 There upon the gleaming sand, Two stalwart warriors, hand in hand, Strode leisuredly. O'er head the burning, red sun shone, Its rays upon the polished stone, So measuredly. They bent, and searching, saw so deep, A twisting mist, did pulse and weep. Seemed treasuredly. 2 Now they bristled, drew their swords, Took two swift paces, always forwards, Not hesitant. Then seeking each to lay his claim, They fought for blood, might and main, Bodies bent. One did rise, triumphant and gay, And, slowly paced, back, away From the silent. 3 His sword came down with deep intent, To the core the stone was rent, Cut in twain. The mist seeped out and maiden form Appeared from out the misty storm, Touched the slain. Then to her love, did slowly glide, To walk in ecstasy by his side, and peace did reign. 4 Slain warrior rose, all anew, To go beside these loving two, Though loser he. And friendly though he did appear, Another claim I greatly fear, He'll make for she. Though head be bloody and unbowed, In war and love 'tis allowed, No complete victory. --Harriett Kolchak