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[page 7] HELP!! Once upon a time, Bee Bowman, Frank Denton, Joe Zalabak, and Patrick Strang had a Tolkien round robin going on tape that was abs'lutely FAB! However, Bee Bowman, Frank Denton, Joe Zalabak, and Patrick Stang also exchange personal tapes, and when we lost the other members of the round robin, we found we were putting the Tolkien discussions on our personal tapes and the poor old robin sort of bit the dust. Just now, it is reposing in a drawer, waiting to see if we can't dig up a few N3F members that would like to lend a little fresh blood so that it can revive. If any of you have tapers, and would be interested in participating, please contact any of the above persons. I don't want to jump the gun on Larry Smith's Tape Bureau, but as yet he hasn't gotten out a list of those interested in taping, and we're very anxious to get our robin started again. Should we be fortunate enough to come up with more tapers than the two we need for our robin, perhaps another robin could be started, not only with Tolkien as a subject, but a general fantasy-SF robin. Our robin was set up on a 5-inch reel, two tracks, at 3-3/4 IPS speed. If this isn't compatible with your equipment, it can always be changed back to a 3-inch reel. Please let us know the specifications of your equipment when you write, in order that we can set t up to be played properly. Owners of 4-track tapers can exchange tapes with owners of 2-track machines by using tracks 1 and 4 of the 4-track machine. Tracks 2 and 3 must be unrecorded. The 2-track tape can be played without trouble by using tracks 1 and 4. It makes no difference whether your 4-track machine is stereo or mono; I have never known of a stereo taper that would not play monophonetic tapes. The standard speed used by most tapers is 3-3/4, and that is the way our robin was set up. If there is a big response to this RR request, another robin might be set up for those having the l-7/8 speed; you can get a terrific lot of talk on a 3-inch reel at 1-7/8! However, the slow speed isn't good for music, in case the discussions might involve copying musical settings. That ole robin is just agatherin' dust in that ole drawer. Please help us revive it. . .it was too good to die!