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[page 1] GRANDMOTHER Time to start turning the crank on the duplicator again! Some time between now (the 14th of August, as I write this) and the 26th, I should delve a little more deeply into the texts I'll be teaching from in a few short weeks. This year it will be Sociology and American History. I'm rather pleased with the assignment, in that I find these subjects interesting, but they're not exactly what I am best qualified to teach. With a week of teachers' meetings and work days beginning the 26th to start off the school year, regular classes will start the day after Labor Day. I guess I will be glad to get back to routine--I seem to accomplish far more when I have a schedule to stick to. But certainly HOOM won't fit into that schedule for a couple of weeks until things get rolling. I'm still behind on correspondence and tapes from vacation time. While we spent only a week at the beach, my mother, visiting from the west coast, stayed on until August 7. As we don't see her very often, there were too many places to go and too many things to talk about to get much "hobbying" done. So, as soon as Hoom is run off, I'll get to the letter writing and the taping, and hope, again, to have a clear slate with which to start off the school year. The summer has been a most pleasant one, and I hope it has been so for all HOOM readers. I have done quite a bit of reading, caught up on the backlog of zines (as far as reading is concerned, but not nearly all the LOCs I was going to write, and art I was going to submit for the various publications), and spent more time on HOOM than I should have. Believe me, the next couple of issues [page 2] will have to be shorter! Weeellll, I dunno...if I get all the good contributions I did this time, it will _have_ to be long, won't it? A big "thanks" right here to all the contributors who gave of their time and talent to make this issue of HOOM one that I'm proud of. Speaking of reading, this might be a good place to mention a few books that caught my fancy during this summer season. I particularly enjoyed two of Anne McCaffrey's books, "Restoree," and "Dragonflight." The latter especially caught my fancy--because I like dragons, I guess, but I thought it exceptionally well plotted and different. Another I couldn't put down until I had finished it was L. Sprague DeCamp's "The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate." Plenty of action in this one, and Bessas can almost out-Conan Conan. The settings and descriptions of the various tribes encountered on the adventure were vivid and exotic. Due to the discovory of a fine bookstore while at Myrtle Beach, I was able to pick up a number of paperbacks I'd been wanting to read. Several of the ERB Martian series, for instance, and his Pellucidar stories. Of course, these are completely familiar to long-time fantasy and SF fan @fans@, but they were new to me, and I have been reading madly. Also picked up some Isaac Asimov books, again not particularly new to veteran fen @fans@. Michael Resnick's "Goddess of Ganymede" was another thriller, and as imaginative as the ERB books. I still have a fine stack of books to read (Sociology and American History permitting) during the long winter months. The stack continues to grow, however, with each visit that even comes close to a paperback book stand, and there are many that I can't wait to read. I have even purchased (just to show how really wild I can get) a couple of Georgette Heyer books; these I haven't gotten into as yet--something tells me I will never become a Heyer fan, but who knows? We're trying a couple of new features in HOOM this time, which we hope will bring response from our readers. I hope the music column will bring some contributions, and I also hope we can get some tape round robins started. Do write us if you have anything of interest along these lines, and don't hesitate to send in "old" material...it may have been kicked around fandom in the past, but it will be new to the neofen among us. I couldn't help but notice several leters we recieved mentioned the fact that we were keeping Tolkien "simple" so the moderate Tolkien fan could understand it, and we'd like to continue to do this. On the other hand, those who like to be technical about it will recieve space in HOOM, also. And after the Elvish plate in this issue, I hope to recieve more material about the languages, and get some discussions started again, a la ENTMOOT. And even if you're not interested in writing Elvish, you've got to admit that John Closson's plate is a thing of beauty (I'm going to frame the original) to admire if not to read. ...and now, onward with HOOM!!! --B. B.