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[page 19] TO BE ACCEPTED FOR EXHIBITION IN THE THIRD ANNUAL SCIENCE FANTASY ART SHOW 1. Artwork must be of a fantasy, fannish, or science-fictional theme. 2. All artwork (except on stretched canvas) must be matted or mounted on art cardboard. 3. No glass or heavy frames please. Plastic or saran-wrap may be used to protect artwork. 4. One entry form or accurate facsimile must preceed or accompany each piece of artwork. 5. _Entry fee_: $2.00 for 5 or less pieces of work and $2 for each additional 5 pieces of work. There will. be no breakdown of entry fees. Entry fees will be refunded if the commission on sales exceeds the amount of fees paid. 6. Enclose entry fee, full return postage and insurance with entry form. NOW PACKAGE ARTWORK CAREFULLY SO THAT IT WILL ARRIVE SAFELY: 1. Place artwork between two heavy pieces of cardboard. Make sure smaller pieces will not slip out or rub against each other and smudge. Tape around the cardboard carefully and wrap with heavy paper. 2. Tape package-tightly closed and/or wrap with twine. 3. Address the package carefully and put a clear return address on it. 4. Insurance both ways through parcel post &/or express is Y O U R responsibility. 5. If money to cover postage and insurance is not included, the artwork cannot be returned. 6. Send the artwork -- AS SOON AS POSSIBLE -- Please To: Nancy Kemp 2019 N Whipple Street Chicago 47, Illinois 7. Mark outside of package "ART SHOW"..._clearly_ There will be no concessions for artwork that does not fulfill the requirements for the show. CATEGORIES ARE: Most Promising of Show +++ Outré Art +++ Judges' Choice +++ Astronomical +++ Science Fiction Illo +++ Fantasy +++ Childrens' Fantasy +++ Heroic Fantasy +++ Cartooning +++ Fellowship of the Ring +++ Experimental +++ Open +++ In addition, there will be a popular Vote award for which each item in the show is eligible. READ this page carefully; it may mean the difference between being accepted for the show or not -- or the difference between losing a valued piece of work in the mails or having it arrive safely. It's up to Y O U! [page 20] TO BE ACCEPTED FOR EXHIBITION IN THE THIBD SCIENCE FANTASY ART SHOW'S _FIRST PHOTO SALON_ 1. Photographs must be of a fantasy, science-fictional, or fannish theme. 2. The hanging jury reserves the right to reject all entries which in their opinion do not fit the above themes. 3. Prints must be matted or mounted. There will be no facilities for displaying color slides at this exhibition. 4. _Minimum_ size of black and white entries is 8 inches by 10 inches; that of color entries is 5 inches by 7 inches. _Maximum_ size of any entry will be 16"x20". 5. Story series may be 4 by 5 or larger and may consist of one or more photographs mounted on a single mount, not less than 8 x 10, and not larger than 16 x 20. 6. Hand-tinted black and white photos, or other photographs modified by hand will be considered in the "experimental" category. CATEGORIES ARE: Black and White Photography +++ Color Photography +++ Story Series +++ Experimental. THE OTHER rules applying to regular artwork as to packaging and labelling must be observed. The following additional information is requested for the benefit of interested photographers, but it is not required: a] Type of Camera. b] Type of film. c] Shutter Opening. d] Exposure. e] Special Techniques SEND your Photo Salon entries --AS SOON AS POSSIBLE --Please To: Nancy Kemp 2019 N Whipple Street Chicago 41, Illinois MARK outside of package "ART SHOW PHOTO SALON"...clearly. ENTRY FEE will be the same for the Photo Salon as for the Art Show; $2 for up to five entries, refundable against commission. READ this page carefully, as it can make the difference between having your work accepted for the show or not; or the difference 'tween losing a valued photo in the mails or having it arrive safely. It's again up to YOU! [page 21] 1. Art shown in the Project Art Show of the preceding World Convention cannot be shown again in a Worldcon show for competition. 2. Art shown in the Project Art Show of a regional convention may be shown also in a Worldcon, whether or not it recieved any prize, as long as all other rules are complied with. 3. Art shown in a regional convention may not again enter the next year's show in the regional con. 4. These 3 rules apply only to art displayed for competition, and _not_ to sketches on sale at the sketch table. 5. Sketches sent in for the sketch table will be presented at two shows, then returned to the artist if unsold (providing postage has been included) or disposed of according to the artists wishes. 6. In the case of _any_ artwork, for either display or sketch table, not having return postage included or being claimed within a reasonable time, Project Art Show may dispose of said art in whatever manner it sees fit. 7. All rules apply to artwork entered in Project Art Show, whether sold, unsold, or marked "not for sale". Rules also apply to photographs. NOTICE: These rules were formulated for the benefit of artists entering any Project Art Show, and for ease of handling said show. They do not in any way imply that a regional convention may not arrange its own art show in its own way. Project Art Show cannot take any responsibility for any shows except its own, nor will it condone the use of its name and reputation for unofficial use in any way. (Mrs.) Bjo Trimble 5734 Parapet Long Beach 8 California CATEGORIES FOR COMPETIT ON: & trophy sponsors Astronomical Art................Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Science Fiction Illustration....Forrest J Ackerman Fantasy Art.....................Richard Eney Heroic Fantasy..................Hyborian Legion Children's Fantasy..............Gaul Outré Art.......................Famous Monsters of Filmland Fellowship of the Ring..........Fellowship of the Ring Cartooning......................F M & E Busby Experimental....................Ted White Open Category...................Walter Breen Judge's Choice..................Dave & Ruth Kyle Most Promising of Show..........National Fantasy Fan Federation Popular Vote....................Pittsburgh Science Fiction Association Black & White Photography.......Eastern Science Fiction Association Color Photography............... " " " " Experimental Photography........Art Hayes Story Series in Photography.....