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[page 9] LOCs SWORDPOINT No fanzine is complete without a letter col. An editor might as well face it. He or she is going to get letters anyway, whether there is a letter col or not. And we don't think that we would have it any other way. So, to beat you to the punch, we will start our letter col before we get any letters, just to prove that we intend to institutionalize your responses into a formal spot in the zine. Your response will be the lifeblood of that zine. Then, perhaps we will all be at swordpoint. To kick off a good discussion, we offer you the opportunity to comment on _Smith of Wooten Major_. There has not been much commentary about this work of Professor Tolkien. This might be a good time to give us your thoughts about _Smith_. In case you were not aware, _Smith_ is not only available in hardback at $1.95, published by Houghton Mifflin, but also first appeared in the December, 1967, issue of Redbook. You may be able to find this in a used magazine store. So let us hear from you. Meanwhile, we would like to share with you at least a couple of interesting letters we have received, which hold an intriguing possibility for future issues of HOOM: