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[page 4] HOOM 1:4 TEEN COLUMN First of all, I'll introduce myself, and this (hopefully) long- running column. I'm a teen-ager, attending high school at this time. I'm interested mainly in Tolkien, science fiction and fantasy, and fandom in general. I do the things most Tolkien fans do--read _LotR_ over and over and over. . . subscribe to NIEKAS and TOLKIEN JOURNAL. . . miss ENTMOOT. . . talk about the books to whoever will listen. Besides this, I also enjoy corresponding by tape letter, and playing chess. Uh, now to this column. What I plan on doing is to get more of the teen-age or younger fans more interested and to participate in Tolkien and SF fandom. I'll try to answer or find the answer to any questions put to me by the teen-age fans, and at the same time come up with some interesting comments, reviews and ideas in this column. I would like to receive different opinions, by different fans, that I can either agree with or debate on in this column. The only way I can get these comments is by mail FROM YOU FANS. So, send me a letter on anything you want to. I really want to hear what YOU want this column to contain. What you write about doesn't really make any difference, so long as it's concerned with Tolkien or SF. I just want to hear from _other_ mad teen-age Tolkien fans, if there are any other mad TolkIen fans. How about it? How did I get into this thing in the first place? It all started about four months ago on a tape letter from Bee. She came up with the bright idea of starting a fanzine, Tolkien type, of course. She would be editing it, along with Frank. I thought, this is a great idea (!) as long as I didn't have to do much of anything. I originally planned to just sit back and watch a fanzine form. That didn't last long. . . I soon just HAD to get into this thing, and here I am. I sort of dreaded writing this at first, but I decided that writing a column _could_ be fun. That is, if I have anything to write about. Soooo. . . again, I NEED LETTERS. So here I am, stuck with writing for a fanzine. Oh, I wouldn't give it up for anything. And at least I'm insured of getting a copy of this rag, if that means anything. I'll draw to a close here. I really haven't said much, but next time, if there is a next time (THERE WILL BE, I keep telling myself) I _should_ have more to write about, what with the fans' comments. At least that's what I hope to have! Address: Joe Zalabak --J.Z. 5300 Ashley, Detroit, Michigan 48236