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[page 1] GOLLUM'S GRANDMOTHER HOOM 1:1 GOLLUM'S GRANDMOTHER As all, or most of, the zines devoted to Tolkien have become scarce or non-existent -- or at least infrequent -- HOOM has been started in an attempt to gather together the fen of Tolkiendom. Of course, where Tolkien is [UNREADABLE] we [UNREADABLE] [UNREADABLE] [UNREADABLE] [UNREADABLE] pages -- on the contrary. Art, articles, stories -- the whole bit -- is tenderly solicited on your particular hang-up. All the staff of HOOM have their particular heroes. Possibly, once in a while, it will be hard to recognize this as a Tolikien zine. Personal re the [UNREADABLE] instructor in the business department, Blue Ridge Communi ty @Community@ College, Weyers Cave, Virginia -- econ, business law, accounting, etc. Will be dropping back to high school level come September, however, but still with the business department (I hope). I read LotR about a year and a half ago, and haven't been the same since. Discovered zines through searching for fen devoted to LotR, and got as hung-up on zines as the books themselves. Soooo. . . two loves have I: Tolkien and zines -- any old zine as long as it smells of ink or duplicator fluid or perspiration. You can't imagine my delight when Roy Tackett sent me the [UNREADABLE] Mailing #36. . . I have never had my hands on so many zines at one time before, and am still somewhat dazed. Elsewhere in this ish, I shall attempt some comments, although I have looked through them in haste, and when HOOM is put to bed, I assure all the [UNREADABLE] I shall sit down in some quiet corner and savor every one of them. I am in no mood to be critical. . . at the present time all I can see is the tremendous amount of work involved in each one of them (and believe me, I'm just now beginning to appreciate it, said she, beating out the first issue of HOOM), and the delightful people behind each individual zine. Already I'm having editorial problems -- I told Frank what I was going to title his editorial if he didn't send me a name, so he'll probably go off and edit his proposed zine, ASH-WING (that's a plug, Frank) after that "Frank-ly Speaking" bit. And Joe threatened me with dire bodily harm if I used that drawing to head his column. . . if I'm not careful Gollum's Grandmother is going to be kicked out of her hole before she even gets moved in! --B.B.